Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Yarny Sort of Weekend

I had a really nice weekend, chock full of yarn, shopping, knitting, yarn and did I mention yarn and shopping? It was really super. Here's why it was just fab; I and 2 of my SnB buds made the pilgrimage to Hill Country Weavers for their end of the year/just before inventory sale. (Okay, that's just the sign. That's how excited I was about this trip. I took a picture of the sign and, just so you'd know I'd been there, I shot the store front as well. Cute, huh?) Not only does HCW have a really great sale but I had Christmas money to burn. How dangerous is that combination?

Christmas money + yarn = something bordering on a euphoric experience.

Actually, I had anticipated my giddiness and made a pretty specific list of what I wanted to look for. The number one rule was that it had to be all about me. No yarn for gifts, Boogie knitting included. I did not stray from that rule.

My gal pals were pretty giddy too and as proof I offer up this pic: Kim is on the left in a state bordering on ecstatic. She's brandishing her Cascade 220 in the left hand and my Koigu in the right. Janna, also feelin' the high, is sharing her stunning Koigu as well. All sorts of goodies found their way home with us. It was a lot of fun and a treat to be in a REAL yarn shop. (Don't even ask about my LYS. You'll just get a long ugly rant.)

Shopping made us hungry so we dodged traffic and had some really tasty Italian food at a small cafe. No, I'm not so insane that I snapped pictures of us stuffing our faces. I'm not saying I didn't consider it, I just decided against it.

So what, specifically, did I buy? I bought some desperately needed needles and yarn. Here's my humble haul:

I picked up some Cascade 220 to make Triangle, a felted bag pattern from Jimmy Beans and 3 little skeins of Koigu. I didn't shoot pics of the needles because don't they all really look the same; pretty straight, short of sharp and a little sad when empty?

Today was our coffee shop SnB but the coffee shop was closed so we went to a nearby Borders. It was nice enough, but not the same without the worn out granny furniture and music courtesy of Lilith Fair playing in the background. Still, it's knitting with friends and coffee so that's a pretty cool end to a pretty cool weekend.


Anonymous Your Secret Pal said...

Looks like a great weekend! I love the Hill Country- fantastic bbq!

7:28 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Oh, those are great colors for that cute Triangle bag! Are you going to make socks, a shawl, or ? with your Koigu?

5:32 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Wow, what fun you had! I love times spent with yarn buddies. And especially when yarn and shopping are involved.

4:41 PM  
Anonymous monkeemaven said...

To go to Hill Country Weavers with money... wow. I didn't have much the day I went and was nearabouts overwhelmed with their selection...

7:53 AM  

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