Friday, December 16, 2005

I've got the Clap and the burn is good.

I am completely obsessed with Clapotis. I'm not knitting much of anything else. Well, something small but I don't really count that project. I have one more repeat to go in section 3 then I start the decrease stuff. I'm really excited about how this is turning out. Honestly, the credit goes to the yarn, not my knitting. This picture doesn't begin to do the colors justice but trust me when I tell you that it's just a stunner. My next picture will be a completed Clapotis with the specs.

In other news, the Savant household is completely ready for Christmas. All the shopping is done, wrapping is wrapped up and now we're just waitin' for Santy to make his appearance. This Christmas should be a lot of fun because Boogie is older and sort of gets the whole gift idea. Which reminds me that I just can't talk about Christmas without the obligatory picture of our tree. Yes, Boogie is holding a watering can. She's very concerned about the tree getting enough water. No, the can did not have water in it. She's sort of missing the tree and jamming on the can. Most of the presents under the tree are for Boogie. We worked very hard not to overdo it but in the end we gave in to "new parent buying frenzy". It's frenzy in a fun nobody gets hurt sort of way so that's cool. I hope she likes everything we got for her. I already know that the boxes the stuff comes in will be a big hit! Maybe I should have just saved our money and raided the dumpster at the grocery store for boxes. Hm.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

Source of inspiration:

I was washing my face the other night trying to come up with something fun for my next self portrait. I glanced at the faucet and thought:

"Gee. It really sucks to live somewhere where the water is so hard and it leaves spot on everything I bet Martha Stewart doesn't have spots on her faucet and if she did I bet some poor maid has to scrub them off with her very own toothbrush that Martha barely pays her enough to afford and Whoa. I can see myself in there."