Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!

I LOVE Halloween! Saturday we carved our pumpkins ("Punks" as Boogie likes to say) and it was so much fun! Here's a before picture. Just your standard punk or three. The one on the right turned out to be a little bit riper than we had thought. These punks also sat on the kitchen table for about a week waiting to be transformed into temporary works of art. (Primitive art, but art none the less.) Maybe the stress of knowing his fate and not being able to avoid it got to the punk on the right. He aged before his time.

Boogie, of course, did her part. She helped scrape out the punks, said "yucky" a lot but was not allowed to carve. Duh! What sort of a parent would I be if I let the 17 month old use a knife? I'll tell you: the kind of parent that ends up on "Dr. Phil" trying to explain why she stupidly gave a small child a knife. Instead, we let her stand in a chair. Perhaps not as dangerous as a sharp instrument but when this baby gets excited about punks, she likes to engage in the Punk dance, moving perilously close to the edge of the chair. That would explain Big B hovering behind her. So we come to the finished product:

TADA! Punks have been transformed into Jacks! If the weather cooperates tonight, I'm going to try to get a shot of them in all their wilted glory on the front porch.

So knitting. The original purpose of this blog. I do have some stuff to discuss and share photos of, but I've been a little consumed with Halloween and the punks. Next time, heavy on the knitting, not so much on the punks.