Monday, October 24, 2005


We had a really wonderful weekend. Originally, the plan for Saturday was to go to a music festival at the local Unitarian church. Not much festival to be had and very little music. Feeling disappointed, we wandered over to Borders and spent way too much money on books. Actually, Boogie and Big B got books, I got the new Vogue Knitting, Simply Knitting, and the Stitch 'N Bitch Design Journal. Probably no designing in my future but it has some neat pages for stash organizing, needle inventory and all that cool stuff.

Sunday was our hunt for the Great Pumpkin! Boogie had a whole lot of fun walking around the pumpkins! She talked to them, tried to pick them up, and was forced to pose among them by her cruel and freakish parents! Poor baby! This will be something to discuss with her therapist during her teenage years. (Or a photo I can show to her prom date.) Look at the shock! The horror! The whole "What the hell am I doing on this giant vegetable?" confusion. I was kicking myself for not putting her in her costume to go pumpkin hunting. Might as well add to the humiliation while I add to her therapy fund!

Perhaps the look of horror/fear came not from the pumpkins but this strange sign that was just behind her. Christ-o-Lantern? Never heard of such a thing. I sort of like my Halloween a little, well, spooky. A dove of peace or some representation of the Holy Trinity just doesn't put me in the Halloween spirit the way a rubber Scream mask does or a bag of miniature Snickers.

The folks running this pumpkin patch were just beyond nice. Lots of beautiful pumpkins to choose from. In the end, we walked away with three. (No, it has nothing to do with the Holy Trinity!) Papa, Mama, and Baby pumpkin all to be transformed into Jack 'O Lanterns tonight. That was the plan anyway. Before Monday hit.

Actually, I should blame it on this guy. This is Cecil and he is a very good dog. Really. This
afternoon, during Boogie's snack and my coffee
break, Cecil let me know that he needed to go outside and "do his business." I should stress that late afternoons are super important at the Savant household. Boogie snacks, I drink coffee and eventually one of us starts dinner.

I let Cecil out and back in and head to the sink to cut up some more yummy pear. As Cecil passes I catch a whiff of what I was sure was Boogie having a serious stomach problem. I look at Boogie, she's munching away. I look at Cecil and his beautiful dog face is covered on both sides by, well I'm not going to be delicate here, something that looks like shit and smells like death. He is covered in it. Seriously. I corralled him in the kitchen and, while making sure the baby doesn't take a header out of her booster seat, used every single diaper wipe at my disposal to get the poop out of his ears and off his head. Of course, he still stinks so I run Boogie upstairs and plant her in front of the T.V. Run down, grab Cecil and run to the bathroom. I spent the rest of the afternoon de-stinking my very good dog and trying not to hurl.

So, our Jack 'O Lantern got put off until Wednesday evening. All of us were wiped from just the fact that it's Monday. Except Cecil. He smells great and wants to play.