Thursday, September 01, 2005

Get up and get goin'!

This is one of those moments when I wish my blog was amazingly popular, read by hundreds of admiring fans and that I could influence those fans to do something worthwhile. I'm just me though, and I write this with the hope that someone will bump into this modest blog, take what I'm about to say to heart, and get up.

People, New Orleans looks like a third world country. Yes, I'm quite sure that the news exaggerates to great effect but the facts are that people, thousands upon thousands of people are homeless and losing hope. As a member of the human race you have a sacred duty to help your brother. Religion is irrelevant. Country of origin is insignificant. Let's get up and stop waiting on big brother to fix this mess.

For my part, I've posted a willingness to make phone calls, mail supplies, whatever. In under 8 hours I had 2 responses: one from a woman offering to help me and one who needed the help. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR A SUFFERING HUMAN BEING SO JUST DO IT!!!(Some of this is tinged with anger because, although "mandatory evacuation" looks great on paper, if you don't have a car or the money for gas/hotel/food, you ain't going nowhere.)

So let's help. Put down your needles and pick up the phone. Give your money/time, whatever you've got because, right now, you probably have more than any one person hit by Katrina.