Monday, May 30, 2005

Holla at ya!

Shout out to my 'tators! (Short for commentators which I don't really think is a word but sounds pretty good. I'm not even sure it's fair to call ya'll 'tators. But that's sort of cute, too!)Thanks, ladies!

We had a pretty good weekend. This time of year is really packed for us. Lots of birthdays fall in the Spring and early summer. This year is really special because Boogie had her first birthday, I turn 40 and we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. (Go ahead. Do the math. I was a child bride and a late bloomer.) Big B and I decided to get a new car for our anniversary. Not terribly romantic, sort of practical and dull even, but we hadn't bought a new vehicle in 10 years. That's right, 10 years. Anyway, since I'm sans a digital camera, (and will be so for a bit longer), here's my car: That's a pretty sweet ride, huh?

So now that I've channeled my inner bitch and shared my car news, let hit some knitting. I think I may have mentioned that I knit my very first sock. It's pretty ugly, and lumpy, but it's all mine. (Actually, it will be Boogie's once I get the pair done.) I'm working diligently on the second sock and, while working on the heel flap, I drop a couple of stitches. No biggy. I start to pick them up and it seems new stitches are appearing out of nowhere. I'm tired, it's late so I start froggin' the sock. Before you know it, I'm pretty much back at the beginning. Fortunately for me, baby socks are tiny and fast so I'm just going to start the whole thing over. I'd rather do that than wrestle with mysterious stitches.

I start my new job Wednesday. This will be the first summer that I've worked in 8 years. (Guess where I used to work? :-) ) I've been going there off and on for about a month, but now I'm all in. We'll see where this change takes me.

Okay, I'm going to go spend some quality time with Big B watching a little basketball. Uh oh, Boogie's crying!