Friday, April 01, 2005

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

The weather is nice and cool so I took the opportunity to wear my spiffy little scarf. It's super cute! (This is one of those moments when I wish I had a digital camera. I should get off my cheap/lazy ass and get one.) Everyone should share in the glory that is my simple little scarf.

Work on Baby's dress is progressing nicely. I'm only about 10 rows into it, but it's so cool knowing that I'm making something that she can wear and maybe pass on to her daughter one day. Maybe I'll invest in that digital camera when Baby's dress in completed.

I really consider myself such a new knitter. I think I've mentioned before that I just haven't been as adventurous as I probably could be. Turning 40 has sort of changed that! Time to break out! (A mid-life crisis maybe?)

Speaking of breaking out, I submitted my letter of resignation today. Love the fact that's its April 1 and, irony of ironies, no one is here to take the damn letter. Only a chick at human resources knows for sure. I feel so much happier and lighter! It's just amazing how wonderful change can make you feel!

The rest of my work day should be very uneventful. I'm the only one here, making me wish I'd stuck some knitting in my backpack. I'm caught up on my paperwork and I have the T.V. following the Pope's passing. I'm not a Catholic, but you just can't deny the impact this man had on the world. Amazing.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Knit once, measure twice

After struggling with the gauge for Baby's dress project, I finally got it! I'm super excited! I cast on the required number of stitches, knit 2 rows and got really sleepy!

I spent all of today in an extremely boring workshop and actually got a little knitting done on a shawl that I've had on my needles forever. I made sure the my knitting was pretty low, (read: practically under the table) and made sure to glance up at the speaker to at least feign interest in what he was talking about. Hey, at least I made some progress.

Now, I'm playing around with the name of my blog. Screwing with the spelling and stuff. I'll settle on something one day.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Gauge Sucks!

Okay, gauge sucks. You know my skinny scarf that was going to be a distraction and stress reliever while I worked on Baby's dress? Finished. It looks great, but I finished it. So, I knit a swatch to check the gauge for Baby's dress. Knit on #3 needles, it's 1/2 inch larger than it should be. AHHHH!

Taking a deep, relaxing, calming breath and loving the gauge hating knitter that I am. The plan is to try again tomorrow, on smaller needles. I suppose I could blow this whole gauge thing off and make a dress that will be a bit big. She is a pretty tall baby after all. And it's not likes she's going to stop growing while I struggle with this very cute dress. I think I smell the rationalization of the loss of gauge.

Gauge is good. Gauge is your friend. I'm going to think about this while I sleep tonight and hope that my wrists recover from the numbing pain endured while knitting on teeny tiny needles!!! Just kidding folks. It's late and I'm a little frustrated. Scarf knitting is looking better and better.