Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

This is my piano. In point of fact, it is a grand piano. It sits in what should be a formal dining room along with shelves of books, and a really cheap stereo. Sometimes the area underneath my piano is home to push toys, wagons, small cars and a dog or two.

I bought this piano one month before I found out I was pregnant with Boogie. I've played since I was 8 years old and my current instructor felt I had outgrown my upright. She was right, but the purchase of a grand piano is not something done lightly. I could afford a Yamaha but dreamed of a Steinway. ( Did this stop me from heading out to the local Steinway Gallery and spending the better part of an afternoon playing their grands? Hell no.) The Yamaha I chose spent one year at a local university in a practice room. Students sweated out their performances over it's keys. They left their pencils in it's innards and small rings where soda cans rested. When I played this piano in that cramped room, I knew she was for me. She had a sweet, rich voice even when out of tune. I'd waited my whole life to have a grand and this abused little instrument was the one.

I don't get to practice as often as I'd like. Truth be told, I simply don't make the time for it. I keep her tuned and Boogie likes to pound her keys with small baby hands. When I do play, Boogie twirls around the room; a little leaf fluttering about to the likes of Chopin and Mozart. My piano stays tuned, enjoys a relatively spacious room and the occasional loving touch of one who waited a lifetime for her and a child who, hopefully, will share her Mommy's passion for this instrument.


Blogger Chris said...

I have my Grnadmother's Baldwin from the St Louis Expo in the early 1900's. Her wedding present from her parents. I was never trained, just what I taught myself. My youngest was taking lessons but now we are looking for a closer to us teacher. I guess you aren't close at all?
Storms survived, now it's the deep freeze! Hope your Mom's area was not hit too bad.

7:27 PM  

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