Friday, October 21, 2005

The Finished Product!

Here's the cutest little witch in the world!! Big B is sort of holding her in place because Boogie's tendency is to run at the camera so that she can see herself. She has striped socks to wear with this but we took this picture about 30 minutes before bedtime and I didn't want to press my luck with trying to get her into socks! (Bedtime is also the reason she had a death grip on that bink!)

In knitting news: I've finished binding off one shoulder and the back of the vest I made. Boy, is it an ugly piece of knitting. You know, with every project comes a lesson. The vest taught me the three needle bind off and not to take the pictures of finished garments very seriously. I'll have a picture of it up shortly. It's definitely good for a laugh....and a serious example of what knitting should never look like!


Anonymous Kim said...

She is so cute in her little costume. It looks fantastic!


7:12 AM  

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