Friday, October 07, 2005

Desperately seeking....


I'm really in the knitting doldrums. (That doesn't look like it's spelled correctly. Hm.) I'm searching around for something to knit and I'm just uninspired! Well, not totally uninspired. I guess yarnless might be a better way to put it. There's this really cute cardigan in "Hip to Knit" by Judith Swartz that I've been dying to try. The weather here is a little cooler and I just really want a sweater project. So what's holding me back?

Well, it's Christmas. I have quite a few things that I have to make, (all sewn, no knitting this year) for Christmas gifts and I need to get off my lazy ass and just do them! Plus I need to get Boogie's Halloween costume done.

The plan this weekend is to get all the fabric for all the Christmas gift stuff. While I'm out, I may search around for some yarn for the cardigan. Or I'll be good and I won't. Hell, I don't know!

Last night I played for an Artwalk held at the school where I used to work. The Artwalk is supposed to expose kids to the arts and encourage them to give their artistic side an outlet. The piano had been put on the stage in the cafeteria along with 3 tables of students from a local college who were singing with the kids and showing them rhythm instruments. I don't think we exposed the kids to music so much as we exposed them to a potential hearing loss. The acoustics were terrible!! I could barely hear myself, although a couple of people said that they could hear me. Not only that, this poor little upright probably hadn't seen a tuner in years.

I played really easy pieces so I was guaranteed to play well. (Pretty lazy, huh?) But, when I realized that I really couldn't be heard, I grabbed the stuff I'm working on and practiced instead! Most of the kids just wanted a chance to bang on the piano really. I only had 2 people who were interested in their child learning the instrument. (Okay, that's not why I went. I'm not cruising to teach piano lessons. Both been there and done that.) There were other artists; local theater groups, some painters, a cheerleading squad. Yes, you can read that twice if you need too; a cheerleading squad. I guess art really is in the eye of the beholder. Or the pompoms of the beholder.


Blogger Amy said...

Hello old secret pal! I have the opposite problem- I just got the new Sally Melville book Color and there is just too many projects I want to make--and I really don't have time for any of them! :(

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw your blog. Please take a look at this link. We know the pattern isn't much of a challenge to an accomplished knitter, but our Knit for Kids effort is a worthy, inspirational project. Thanks.


7:29 AM  

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