Monday, September 19, 2005

The vest that wouldn't die

I think I've figured out where I screwed up on the super quick vest that was supposed to be a mindless break from Boogie's dress. Instead, the vest has completely sucked my energy leaving me tired and annoyed. I've decided to completely ignore the pattern, (okay. Maybe not completely ignore the directions...more like massage them toward my way of thinking) and just knit on! Damn the results! Let's see how this bad boy turns out!

I was bummed a bit today to discover that the local SnB doesn't meet tomorrow night as I'd thought, but meets next Tuesday. Hey, it's another week to get the evil vest either completed or burned to a crisp in a fit of frustration. There's an up-side to every disappointment.

I'll keep you posted on the vest. It's a fight to the death.


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