Thursday, September 15, 2005

Instead of knitting.....

I'm blogging. Again. Kind of in fits and starts these days. Actually, I've been looking at other blogs and I continue to clean house a bit on this one.

Knitting Foo: I have been working on this vest. No, I do not have a link to share and, to be quite honest about it the pattern is so simple and I've screwed it up so royally that I'm a little embarrassed to share it. I had been working on Boogie's very cute knitted dress, ran into a snag and decided to knit something simple and mindless to help me focus on the problem with Boogie's dress. Now the problem with the dress is no longer my sad attempts at knitting, but Boogie herself.

Boogie is 16 months old and in the 100th percentile for her height. I think I should repeat myself here: 100th percentile. I'm not bragging here. This makes buying clothes for her very difficult. Her little waist is that of a 12 month old but her height...well, you see the problem. I'm not stunned by this. Big B is 6 ft. 7 inches tall. Not exactly a short guy.

It's pretty clear how this relates to her knitted dress. I'm knitting it for a 24 month old child. At the rate she's growing, it's more than likely not going to fit her!!! I'm going to make her wear it anyway!! Isn't it now the fashion to wear dresses with jeans?? Get ready cause she's going to make a fashion statement!!!

Back to the vest. I'm going to finish it. I have this pithy essay in my head making the case for why I am the world's worst knitter. We'll see how Mr. Vest fares and I'll decide whether or not the essay will see the light of day.


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