Wednesday, September 14, 2005

And now for something completely different.....

Okay, not really. But it made ya think! Huh? Huh?
I think I have a case of blog envy. My little blog just languishes away. I don't really give it a whole lot of attention and I think my posts reflect that. Also, once Boogie is taking a nap, is pretty difficult to justify staring at a computer screen instead of reading or even knitting!

I've been cruising around the web, burning up naptime and daydreaming about my blog. I need to add pictures, check. The digital camera is a Christmas gift both Big B and I want so it's a family deal now. In the meantime, I have some things scanned in that I can post from time to time.

I need to write stuff. Whether it's interesting or not, whether it gets looked at or not, the fact is the purpose of a blog it seems, is to see your thoughts made semi-real by posting them for the whole world to read. Well, not all your thoughts. I'm sure that there are some thoughts that all of us would rather not share, especially embarrassing ones. Like re-living a keg party at a scary frat house or the time I lost my shirt in...Okay. You get the idea here.

I need to update my links! Geez! I have three little blogs I supposedly follow and, let's be honest, I only actually read two of them. I've grown weary of one. (When it's gone I'll bet you can figure out which one it is!) I actually look at a bunch of other blogs that have absolutely fuck all to do with knitting but are funny beyond belief! I need to get those up!

I need to backtrack here to the whole "purpose of a blog" thing. Actually, the real purpose is highly egocentric. I think most everyone would love to be read by someone. Let's be honest here! Don't you get a kick out of the odd comment or two? Sure you do! It's not the only reason, but it's awfully fun! I also think that people use it as a way to make friends. Think about it. You have a captive audience. You can go on and on about your life without the inconvenience of having a person to interrupt or make comments. You just keep talking! It's like having a giant ear in your house whose sole function is to listen to you talk. Pretty cool, really and a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy.

So I've now fed my ego. My giant ear is listening and happy and hopefully wax-free. I'm going to go delete a couple of links.


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