Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Long time, no write

Wow. This month has just slipped away from me. We've been busy here at Boogie central!

Boogie changed daycare last week. Her previous daycare kept her in the infant room because, even though she's 12 months old, she's not walking confidently yet and that skill is a prerequisite for placement in a room with kids her own age. (At the time we moved her, she was pulling up and that was all.) That's serious bullshit. Most children walk somewhere between the ages of 12 and 15 months. (Gotta say up front that I can back this up with professional knowledge.) Boogie is developing normally and fabulously and we got really tired of her being treated like half her age but Lady Luck stepped in and gave us a big kiss on the forehead!

At her new daycare, Boogie is in a room filled with crazy, wiggly, fabulous peers! I'm friends with the owner of this daycare and we'd been on the list a couple of months. I'd said upfront that we were willing to pay a full-time price to get Boogie in. No need for that, friends, because we scored a much coveted part-time slot! (Boogie is only there 2 1/2 days a week. For anyone out there with kids, I know you know how tough it is to find excellent care, let alone part-time.)

On the walking front, Boogie takes an average of 5-6 steps before she plops down. She's all stiff-legged and it's the most precious thing I've ever seen in my life. Babies are so brave. If I failed at doing something as many times as she does, I'd just curl up in a big ball and cry. Not my Boogie! Like all babies, the drive of curiosity just propels her crazy little butt forward. Anyway, on Thursday we're going to see a pediatrician who specializes in orthopedics. I'd like to rule out the possibility of something physical hindering her walking. (Boogie's pediatrician felt her hamstrings might be too tight. I was concerned about her left foot turning in so dramatically.) We'll see what happens! In the mean time I just keep on encouraging her!

Big B has been in Denver this week so it's just been us chicks and a house full of critters. I've done pretty much no knitting except for this really pathetic scarf that I do just to kill time. I'm searching around for a new project. Maybe at the next knitting group meeting I'll have something in mind.

I'm also looking into getting a digital camera but, at the same time, considering whether or not I want to continue to blog. It's been fun and I've learned some cool computer stuff, but I'm not sure I want to devote the time to it. I don't know. I think I'm just a little whiney and tired.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't give up on the blogging! It's so much more fun with a digital camera. Besides, how can you justify not getting one when you have little Boogie? I got a really little one so I can leave it in my purse so I'm ready if my little girl does anything cute.
Brace yourself for another package coming in the next week or two! (I've been shopping!)
-Your Secret Pal

10:14 AM  

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