Monday, May 02, 2005

Not much

Not much knitting went on this weekend. I attended a mini-conference all day Friday and manage to get most of a scarf finished for the Dulaan Project. Check them out here: I finished up the scarf once I got home and started another one Sunday evening. I'm taking a break from Baby's dress, but I don't want to take too much of a break. Babies grow so quickly that it might not fit her by the time I'm finished.

Actually, knitting during a meeting says more about the meeting than anything. This chick was just boring! She read her overheads to us and I just hate that. I can read! I'm pushing 40 and I'm pretty confident that I can read! So I knit under the table, glancing up every once in awhile to look at the overhead...which was exactly what I had in front of me in the form of a handout.

I started running this weekend. I've run off and on for awhile now, but now it's different. I want Baby Boogie to see that her mom is in shape and takes care of herself. I jus want to set a positive example for her. Also, running is "me" time and it helps with stress. I anticipate a bit of stress as I head for my new job in June.

Speaking of jobs, I'm blogging at work so I'm going to cut this short.


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