Monday, May 09, 2005

Mother's Day

Yesterday was my very first Mother's Day and it was just great! I got a dozen roses, some perfume, cards from Big B, Boogie Baby and the pets, and a super cool dinner with the most handsome waiter in the world, my very own Big B! It was just a really wonderful day.

Then, after Boogie Baby was in bed, I sat down to work on her little dress. Still basking in the glow of a fab day, I'm knitting my head off when I discover a mistake. A big one. Well, maybe not too big...okay it's an extra stitch. Have I mentioned how anal I've been about counting the stitches over and over and over again to make sure I have the correct number? How I've started this sucker over? I'm at a stage in the knitting where I can't start over...that's just insane!

This is a testament to how much of a novice I believe myself to be so I'm taking up the gauntlet on this mistake. I'm going to fix it and, in the end, have a really cute dress for Boogie. I also plan on taking it to my very first ever trip to my local knitting group.

Here's the scoop on the group: I found them through MeetUp. I've tried a Mommy group with MeetUp and the experience was less than great. I have really high hopes for the knitter's group and I'm excited about meeting other knitters in the city. Yippee!


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