Sunday, April 10, 2005

Croup de-tat

Baby is finally past the croup and into the lovely, "I'm just a bit congested" stage. (Actually, I've joined her in congestion. The pollen here is horrifying and everyone's nose is just nasty!) She's sleeping better which means we're sleeping better. Well, Big B is sleeping better. I've become a raging insomniac. Did I use my awake time to knit? Not this time. I looked at other blogs, played some blackjack and lamented the fact that my blog is just so damn dull.

I need pictures, a better template...something! I'm super new to blogging and, although I've actually made a couple of webpages, that was a while back and I remember nothing of it!!! I'm considering backing this blog up and trying something fresh. Hm.

Our home has completely gone to hell while Baby's been sick. Poor Big B is trying to catch up on yard work and, in between checking on Baby, checking email and cleaning up, I'm trying to get our laundry done.

So back to the boring blog issue. I'm going to do a little research and see what I come up with. This pink template is just killing me!


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