Sunday, March 20, 2005

No yarn hunt!

No way did we make the yarn hunt. My other half, Big B., ( Not because he's a baby or anything, but because his name starts with B) has been at home sick adding to our already congested world. Everyone is finally drying up this weekend. The weather is beautiful and Spring Break is over. Big B spent over half of today waiting for my car to be repaired. I don't know what the hell was wrong with it but, thankfully, it didn't cost too much to have it fixed. We've got to keep that sucker running until I start my new, higher paying job!

Yes, I chose the second job. The pay is remarkable and the opportunities are seemingly endless. I start June 1 so I'm not breaking the contract I'm currently bound to. That's a nice bonus. I hate leaving a job on bad terms. I mean, I think my current job sucks, but why let my supervisor in on that.

I jumped out of the house for an hour Friday night to pursue yarn. I went to one of those chain craft stores. What the hell was I thinking? Did I actually expect to find some fab wool, nifty needles or anything remotely cool that was knitting related? Ugh. I'm just going to wait and make a super special trip to the local yarn store.

I worked a little bit on my crazy afghan. I have a scarf idea rolling about in my head and I think I'll try to get that on the needles next. I'm going to try to knit most of my Christmas gifts this year. Should be an interesting challenge.


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