Monday, March 28, 2005

Gauge Sucks!

Okay, gauge sucks. You know my skinny scarf that was going to be a distraction and stress reliever while I worked on Baby's dress? Finished. It looks great, but I finished it. So, I knit a swatch to check the gauge for Baby's dress. Knit on #3 needles, it's 1/2 inch larger than it should be. AHHHH!

Taking a deep, relaxing, calming breath and loving the gauge hating knitter that I am. The plan is to try again tomorrow, on smaller needles. I suppose I could blow this whole gauge thing off and make a dress that will be a bit big. She is a pretty tall baby after all. And it's not likes she's going to stop growing while I struggle with this very cute dress. I think I smell the rationalization of the loss of gauge.

Gauge is good. Gauge is your friend. I'm going to think about this while I sleep tonight and hope that my wrists recover from the numbing pain endured while knitting on teeny tiny needles!!! Just kidding folks. It's late and I'm a little frustrated. Scarf knitting is looking better and better.


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